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[Dongwon] Bread Crumbs 210g


[Dongwon] Cheese Cutlet 480g


[Dongwon] Five-layer Cutlet 480g


[Dongwon] Fresh Crab Stick 150g


[Dongwon] Gaeseong Big Dumpling 630g+350g


[Dongwon] Gaesung Kimchi Dumpling 630g


[Dongwon] Gaesung Potato Dumpling 550g+300g


[Dongwon] Golden Whole Kernel 340g


[Dongwon] Hot Pepper Tuna 100g


[Dongwon] Hot Pepper Tuna 150g


[Dongwon] Premium Pork Cutlet 840g


[Dongwon] Sesame Oil Seasoned Laver 5g*12p


[Dongwon] Tuna in Canola Oil 100g


[Dongwon] Tuna in Canola Oil 100g*12 (Delivery start from September 14th)


[Dongwon] Tuna in Canola Oil 150g


[Dongwon] Tuna in Olive Oil 150g


[Dongwon] Tuna with Grapeseed Oil 150g


[Dongwon] Tuna[For Kimchi Soup] 150g


[Dongwon] Yangban Glutinous Rice Porridge with Chestnut&Red Bean 285g


[Dongwon] Yangban Olive Oil Seasoned Laver 5g*12p


[Dongwon] Yangban Pumpkin Porridge with Honey 285g


[Dongwon] Yangban Rice Porridge with Abalone 287.5g


[Dongwon] Yangban Seasoned Laver 2.5g*8p