Kimchi – Up to 30% off – 2018.11.22-30

[Chongga] Baek Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Green Onion Kimchi 300g


[Chongga] Kaktugi Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Leaf Mustard Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Mat Kimchi 1.2kg


[Chongga] Mat Kimchi 200g


[Chongga] Mat Kimchi 400g


[Chongga] Mat Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Old Fermented Kimchi 1kg


[Chongga] Poggi Kimchi 3kg


[Chongga] Poggi Kimchi 500g


[Chongga] Poggi Kimchi 5kg


[Chongga] Squid Kimchi 150g


[Chongga] Yeolmu Kimchi 500g


[CJ] Hasunjung Anchovy Sauce 1kg


[CJ] Hasunjung Anchovy Sauce 500g


[CJ] Hasunjung Sand Lance Sauce 400g


[Cleanwrap] Food Bag[Small] 100pcs


[Daejoo] Red Pepper Powder[Fine] 1kg


[Daejoo] Red Pepper Powder[Thick] 1kg


[HamyangNH] Glutinous Rice Powder 500g


[Ilmi] Salted Shrimp Sauce 200g


[Ilpum] Mat Kimchi 1kg


[Ilpum] Whole Cabbage Kimchi 3kg


[Ilpum] Whole Cabbage Kimchi 5kg


[Mamison] Rubber Gloves


[Ottogi] Roasted Sesame 100g


[Ottogi] Roasted Sesame 200g


[Pulmuone] Crushed Garlic 150g


[Sempio] Natural Sea Salt[Thick] 1.5kg


Cleanwrap Food Bag[Large] 100pcs


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